Thursday, June 22, 2017

CampNaNoWriMo July

It's that time again where we start prepping for a month's long writing and/or editing session. Whether you are cleaning and/or organizing your work space, meal prepping so the family can be fed while you loose yourself in your work; it is stressful. Take a five minute break and breathe.


  • Take time to look up recipes that will make your life easier while you are being creative. Check out our "Writer's Food" page and our Pinterest boards. 
  • Prep all foods once a week or even for the month. Freezer slow cooker meals are the best way I have found to do this. 
  • Organize snacks for your family & yourself.
  • Plan activities for your kiddos that you don't need to supervise totally. For little ones use activities in highchairs. 
  • Clean your house as if spring cleaning. Well, maybe not that thorough.
  • Clean your writing space and organize your notes and apps.
  • Set up or look over your timelines and character bios to remember it if it's been awhile or you're just starting a new project.

During Camp:
  • Set times to write and stick to it.
  • Use Twitter for encouragement and sprints.
  • Talk to your cabin mates every day.
  • Remember to breathe
  • Get up and stretch every hour.

Now that those ideas are out there I hoe we all have a great Camp and enjoy our cabin mates!