Writer's Food

During Writathons and days you are overly creative you need food. Not wanting to stop to cook lunch/dinner for he family is common, at least for me. Here I will give you ideas as what to fix that won't take much of your creative time. I will continue to add NEW ones as I find them and try them out.


For my kids I do the following:
Sandwiches- I slice up everything for subs, store it all in the refrigerator in front. When the kids say "I'm hungry." I tell them it's sub day and the stuff is ready. For smaller kids, make up their favorite sandwich, put it in a baggie and toss it in the refrigerator. When they want to eat toss them the sandwich with fresh fruit you cut up earlier and some healthy chips (SunChips in my house). For drinks when my kids were younger I had sippy cups ready, like 4 for each so they could just open the refrigerator and grab one.(Remember to have different drinks, not all the same.)
Make a salad bar for the kids to make their own. As before prep everything so all you have to do it drag it out and open the containers for them. Don't forget the dressing choices. Many kids like to make big decisions on their own and this will give them that chance and make little ones feel proud.
I do the same with Tacos as well. You can do up a lunch that you would send them off to school with as well.
Make sure you cut everything that needs it before you sit down to write. This is a major time saver. It'll be right there when you need it.

Spoonful has 30 lunch ideas!

Slow Cooker(Crock Pot) Meals are a writer's best friend. Especially if you do the freezer ones. I'll give you the links to wonderful blogs that have wonderful recipes for the slow cooker. Choose ones your family will love(or at least eat). I started out with 1 of each of the ones I thought the kids would eat. Then I asked them if i should make it again. The yeses got it. You can make just about any crock pot recipe into a freezer meal. If you have to add ingredients at the last minute, add a smaller freezer bag into the larger one with all the other ingredients.

105 Slow Cooker Meals by Cooking Light                                           
10 Easy Crock Pot meals at Mommy's Fabulous Finds.
www.allrecipes.com has wonderful recipes for slow cookers. Here are a few.

Suggestions for prep: Brown up you hamburger when you buy it and freeze it. That way all you have to do is thaw it and toss it in whatever you want. I brown mine with garlic and onion for sketti, goulash. I also make up taco meat and freeze it as well. Bake up several pizza crusts and have toppings sliced diced and ready. Easy to toss in oven and fun for kiddos to put together.

That should give you some ideas for NaNoWriMo, 10kWritathons and other times you want to write all day!
I hope you enjoy these helpful ideas as much as I do.

*Recipes and photo credit is been given to the authors of those recipes and websites.