Writathons 2018

2018 WRITATHON Schedule

So here is what is scheduled:

April 21st 2018 (CampNaNoWriMo)

July 28th 2018 (CampNaNoWriMo)

November 3rd 2018 (NaNoWriMo)
November 24th 2018 (NaNoWriMo)


GMT: 3:00pm-3:00am
EDT: 10:00am-10:00pm
CDT: 9:00am-9:00pm
PDT: 7:00am-7:00pm

You may join in for a short time or the full time. It's not necessary to participate all day/night. Writathons are for making wordies and having support from others writers.

Extra Wordie Grabs for CampNaNo

April 13th (FRIDAY)
April 27th (FRIDAY)

July 13th (FRIDAY)


GMT: 8:00pm-4:00am
EDT: 1:00pm-9:00pm
CDT: 12:00pm-8:00pm
PDT: 10:00am-6:00pm

How to prepare for a Writathon!

There are many way to prepare.
  • Get your idea of what you want to write
  • Set wordie goal (remember 1k-100k)
  • Outline or jot down plot ideas
  • Research- characters, places etc.
  • Find inspirational photos (I pin them on Pinterest)
  • Set times that you WILL write
  • Organize everything
  • Find sitters if you need them
  • For long writing sessions plan/prepare snackies/meals 
  • Use our meal ideas from our Pinterest 
  • Anything else you can think of

Those of you who have participated comment below on your experience and what kind of projects you have did for them.

What to do During Breaks

  • Bathroom break
  • Wash a sink full of dishes
  • Fold a load of laundry
  • Sweep floors
  • Vacuum a room
  • Research
  • Start/switch a load of laundry
  • Grab snackies
  • Refill drinks
  • Switch kids' activities
  • Get kids snackies/lunch/dinner
Those are the some of the things I can get done during a break.