Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Do to illness and testing Get Wordies will not be running word sprints until next week sometime (4-22-14). I am hoping this medical issue will be resolved quickly so I can get you all those wordies you need.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Camping 1st Week

I haven't gotten much accomplished on my WIP-Naleena this week. I do plan on busting my butt this weekend to get ahead of my word count because I will not be able to write 2 more days this month.

Excerpt from 'Naleena' my CampNaNoWriMo WIP.
Takoda ran his hands over his face; he had missed an important meeting and now regretted it. “My orders?” he finally asked.
“None. You have not shown you are ready. You shall continue to run the bar and be Beta. That means you must act as Beta not a low ranking pack member.” Drewdon stated in his formal tone.
Shame fell over Takoda and the Council could smell it. “In time Young One, you shall take your place in the changes. Sooner than you may think.”
Drewdon was always cryptic, as was all of Council. Zane was more blunt most of the time. “That means what?” he looked at them. “If I may inquire that is?”
“Time will show you.” Zane said and Council just walked out without another word. They were known for not saying good-byes or telling anyone the conversation was over. It frustrated everyone that wasn’t older than a hundred. How did the thousand years old deal with that kind of stuff when it was the way of life? Well that was one question that was never going to get answered. He packed up some papers and went home for a shower and food. 

 I am loving Camp and I'm meeting tons of new people with things in common. I'm keeping a 'camp' journal here online. As you can see I still have tons to do. I forgot to add finish making up the freezer meals. I still have about 5 to do.

If you noticed I need to get male MC (Takoda) to express his feelings and as all women know it's hard. At least I have figured out the flashback parts and have lots of notes on that. It will make the 2nd part fly out of my fingers fast.

One thing that has had me to procrastinate is my son has informed me he is taking a Creative Writing class that he will have to write a book next school year. He keeps coming to me asking all kinds of questions so I have written out several steps he needs to take before writing. Now he's working on characters... 'Mom, can he have white hair and be 26 years old?' I told him his characters can be and do anything he wants but they may have a mind of their own at times and not get pissy about that.

Now I am off to kick Takoda's butt and get him to do what I want him to.
Have a wonderful weekend full of reading and writing.

Camping with NaNoWriMo!

The first 4 days of CampNaNoWriMo is completed. How have you been doing with you wordie counts? Behind? Don't worry you still have many days to catch up. 1666 wordies a day is easy to double on a day off or a quiet night at the computer/notebook.

What's in store for next week on Twitter? I will be posting #SprintWatch so you know where all the #wordsprints are happening. Watch for the hashtag #SprintWatch on @GetWordies. Do NOT forget that #WriteClub is every Friday at @FriNightWrights.

Okay folks... I need to get my fingers back to writing my novel. Have a great weekend and GET those WORDIES!